British Colonies Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this British Colonies crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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  • hampshire: after what english county was named new hampshire colony?
  • massachusetts: a british colony with more democratic government than most countries in europe
  • plymouth: the third english settlement in north america that was started by pilgrims and became a part of massachusetts bay colony
  • thirteen: the number of colonies that great britain had in north america by the mid-1700s
  • whaling: seafaring industry, hiring colonists in new england colonies to do hard, dangerous work, but promising adventure and sailing the world
  • catholicism: religion safely practiced in maryland in the 17th century
  • jamestown: the first successful english colony in north america that was named in honor of king james i and became a part of virginia
  • southern: what region includes maryland, virginia, north carolina, south carolina, and georgia?
  • little: how much power did colonists have in new york’s government?
  • dutch: first settlers of the colony named new york by british were from netherland
  • iron: useful metal found in new york colony
  • providence: roger williams escaped religious persecution in massachusetts bay colony and started this town to promote religious freedom
  • chesapeake: the bay in the southern colony that was a route to the ocean and used by settlers to ship their crop to england and other places
  • quakers: a religious group in pennsylvania with no priests or ministers
  • tobacco: valuable cash crop grown in the southern colonies, which caused addiction in europeans
  • plantation: an agricultural estate or large farm in south colonies, on which crops, mainly cash crops, were planted and harvested by enslaved africans or indentured servants
  • flax: a plant grown in new england colonies used to make linen cloth and oil
  • slaves: people brought from africa to work on plantations for free
  • delaware: colony’s name is a title held by thomas west, 3rd baron de la warr
  • philadelphia: one of the two large cities in the middle colonies and the capital of the pennsylvania
  • connecticut: the southernmost state in the new england region
  • georgia: this colony was founded because the british government wanted to keep spanish troops from moving north from florida
  • maryland: the colony named after henrietta maria, queen of england, scotland, and ireland, known in england as queen mary
  • pennsylvania: the name of that colony means “penn’s woodland”
  • puritans: pilgrims led by john winthrop, who formed the massachusetts bay colony