Medieval Europe Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Medieval Europe crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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  • protection: the service offered by knights to lords in feudalism.
  • crusades: a holy war with the intention of retaking jerusalem for the christian church.
  • roman empire: the fall of the _ _ is said to be the event that 'started' the middle ages.
  • charlemagne: he united central and western europe.
  • jerusalem: the most religious city in the world in the middle ages.
  • fief: the land given to a lord by a king.
  • serf: a peasant that couldn't leave a lord's property.
  • medieval: latin for middle ages.
  • tithe: the 10% religious tax that all europeans had to pay.
  • feudalism: the social and political system of the middle ages.
  • france: the winner of the hundred year war.
  • catalan: the _ forge allowed for easy and cheap iron production.
  • vikings: the most famous nomadic tribe that ravaged europe.
  • great schism: the splitting of the church into two separate religions in 1054 (2 words)
  • buboes: the pus-filled sores on sufferers of the black death.
  • flea: the animal that carried the black death bacteria within its body