Medieval Europe Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Protection: The service offered by Knights to Lords in feudalism., Crusades: A holy war with the intention of retaking Jerusalem for the Christian Church., Roman Empire: The fall of the _______ _________ is said to be the event that 'started' the Middle Ages., Charlemagne: He united Central and Western Europe., Jerusalem: The most religious city in the world in the Middle Ages., Fief: The land given to a Lord by a King., Serf: A peasant that couldn't leave a Lord's property., Medieval: Latin for Middle Ages., Tithe: The 10% religious tax that all Europeans had to pay., Feudalism: The social and political system of the Middle Ages., France: The winner of the Hundred Year War., Catalan: The _________ forge allowed for easy and cheap iron production., Vikings: The most famous nomadic tribe that ravaged Europe., Great Schism: The splitting of the Church into two separate religions in 1054 (2 words), Buboes: The pus-filled sores on sufferers of the Black Death., Flea: The animal that carried the Black Death bacteria within its body