The Southern Colonies Crossword Puzzle

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  • toleration : this act in 1649 made it a crime to restrict the religious rights of christians in the colony of maryland.
  • pocahontas : she married john rolfe.
  • smith : who took control of the colony of jamestown and built a fort in 1608?
  • powhatan : this confederacy of indians helped the colonists in jamestown survive.
  • rolfe : jamestown did not make a profit until this man introduced a new type of tobacco that sold well in england.
  • carolinas : these settlements were far apart making it difficult to govern them so it separated into north and south _ .
  • bacon : he led a group of former indentured servants and attacked a group of friendly american indians.
  • religious : many english catholics came to america to escape this type of persecution.
  • head right : this system which was started by the london company gave 50 acres of land to every person who paid their way to virginia.
  • virginia : what was the name of the region that a company of english merchants wanted to establish?
  • jamestown : this was the first permanent english settlement in north america.
  • codes : most southern colonies used these laws to control slaves and were called slave _ .
  • slavery : when oglethorpe created the colony of georgia, he outlawed this common practice.
  • london : the investors in the new settlement formed a joint-stock company called the _ company.
  • dutch : what people brought the first africans to virginia in 1619?
  • oglethorpe : king george ii gave this man a a charter hoping that georgia would shield britain's other colonies from spanish florida.
  • indentured : these servants signed a contract to work four to seven years to pay for their journey to america.
  • plantations : early virginia settlers created these large farms and grew tobacco.
  • marshes : jamestown was surrounded by _ full of disease-carrying mosquitoes.
  • tobacco : many colonists began growing this crop because it was profitable.