Famous Pharaohs Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: THUTMOSEIII : He ruled after the female pharaoh, creating a vast empire; probably the pharaoh of the oppression of the Jews, SWORD : Weapon the knight uses to defend himself, JOSEPH: His Hebrew brothers sold him to travelling merchants. He became vizier of pharaoh, MOSES: God chose him to lead the Jews out of slavery, out of Egypt., AHMOSE: Brother of Kamose who chased out the Hyksos & who subdued nobles, PLAGUES: God sent these to teach the Egyptians that their gods were useless, AMENHOTEPII: He was probably the pharaoh of the Exodus of the Jews., RAMSESII: 19th Dynasty Pharaoh who claimed victory vs. Mutuwallis, though untrue., HATSHEPSUT: Daughter of Thutmose; she made herself pharaoh., CLEOPATRA: She was the last of 300 years of Ptolemy rulers in Egypt, DARKAGES: A period of chaos 400 years after Cheops, when nobles rebelled., HOWARD CARTER: English archeologist who discovered King Tut's famous tomb, HYKSOS: Foreigners from Syria who invaded and ruled Egypt for 150 years, THUTMOSE: First king buried in Valley of Kings, AKHNATON: Changed his name from Amenhotep IV to honor Aton, AMON: City god of Thebes, RAMSESIII: The last strong Egyptian pharaoh