Famous Pharaohs Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Famous Pharaohs crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: thutmoseiii : he ruled after the female pharaoh, creating a vast empire; probably the pharaoh of the oppression of the jews, sword : weapon the knight uses to defend himself, joseph: his hebrew brothers sold him to travelling merchants. he became vizier of pharaoh, moses: god chose him to lead the jews out of slavery, out of egypt, ahmose: brother of kamose who chased out the hyksos & who subdued nobles, plagues: god sent these to teach the egyptians that their gods were useless, amenhotepii: he was probably the pharaoh of the exodus of the jews, ramsesii: 19th dynasty pharaoh who claimed victory vs. mutuwallis, though untrue, hatshepsut: daughter of thutmose; she made herself pharaoh, cleopatra: she was the last of 300 years of ptolemy rulers in egypt, darkages: a period of chaos 400 years after cheops, when nobles rebelled, howard carter: english archeologist who discovered king tut's famous tomb, hyksos: foreigners from syria who invaded and ruled egypt for 150 years, thutmose: first king buried in valley of kings, akhnaton: changed his name from amenhotep iv to honor aton, amon: city god of thebes, ramsesiii: the last strong egyptian pharaoh