Medieval Economic and Political Power Crossword Puzzle

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  • frederick barbarossa : the holy roman emperor, also known as frederick i, who tried to capture northern italy.
  • capital : money for investment
  • roman empire : a kingdom established during middle ages that extended from germany to italy.
  • charter : a document that establishes the rights and privileges for a town in exchange for a large sum of money, a yearly fee, or both.
  • common law : a system of law based on customs and prior rulings
  • tenant farmers : farmers who pay rent in on the land they work
  • middle class : a social class that developed between the rich lords and the poor peasants.
  • king john : son of henry ii whose abuse of power lead to him signing the magna charta.
  • lay investiture : a practice in which a secular ruler, such as an emperor, appoints bishops.
  • journeyman : the second level of a guild member that receives a salary for their work.
  • due process of law : the right that all people are protected from arrest without proper legal procedures being followed.
  • habeas corpus : the right that a person is protected from imprisonment without being charged with a crime.
  • henry iv : a holy roman emperor who defied the pope for the right the appoint bishops since they held lands under his control.
  • parliament : england’s legislative body
  • apprentice : the first level of a guild member in which a person begins to learn a trade.
  • guild : an association that controls specific trades or businesses
  • jury : a legal system that uses groups of people to render judgement or punishment based on presented evidence.
  • partnership : when merchants pool money together to finance large-scale ventures