Tang and Song Dynasties - China Crossword

Download and print this Tang and Song Dynasties - China crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: HEIAN : Ancient name of Japanese capital, JURCHEN : Northern invaders who drove the Song South, ZEN : Buddhism exported to Japan & Korea, JUNK : Chinese trade ship that dominated the Indian Ocean Trade Network, FUJIWARA : Family who controlled Japan in the 8th centyr, FOOT BINDING : Song practice of restricting upper class women of China, GRAND CANAL : Connected the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers, KOREA : Innovated writing with movable print, KAMAKURA : 1st true shogunate of Japan, CONCUBINES : Mistresses of the Imperial Court of China, TAOISM : Stresses harmony and balance in all things, SHINTOISM : Japanese term for "Way of the gods", ANNAM : Chinese name for Vietnam, BUDDHISM : Focuses on the 4 noble truths & the 8 fold path, SINIIFCATION : To assimilate like China, CHAMPA : Type of fast growing rice from Vietnam, CONFUCIANISM : Stresses respect & peace through relationships, YUAN : Mongol Dynasty of China, SAMURAI : One who serves, XIAN : Ancient capital of Tang China