French and Latin American Revolutions Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: peninsulares : people born in spain and are of high social status, creoles : spanish people born in latin america, mestizos : biracial people with one european and one indian parent, mullato : biracial people with one european and one african parent, louveture : the leader of the haitian revolution, bolivar : the man who liberated venezuela and was nicknamed "the liberator", hidalgo : the speaker of the speech "cry of dolores", which advocated for the end of spanish rule in mexico, napoleon: he played an important role in the french revolution and is considered the greatest military generals in allof history, robespierre : an important person in the french revolution's reign of terror. he was overthrown and arrested by the national convention, enlightenment : the philosophical movement in france advocating for liberty and equality, monarchy : the government system of france before the revolution, democracy : the government system of france after the french revolution, haiti: the latin american country that gained independence in 1804, and had 500,000 enslaved africans, bolivia: a latin american country named after bolivar for his deeds, portugal: the country that had control over brazil before it gained independence, antoniette: the austrian princess married to king of france, louis: the king of france that was overthrown during the french revolution, bastille: a french fortress where citizens stole many weapons during the french revolution's riots, declaration: an official statement of rights or new policy, tennis: the _ court oath during the french revolution that stated authority came from a nation's people and not monarchy