Nazism and the Holocaust Crossword

Download and print this Nazism and the Holocaust crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: NAZIS : Came into power in Germany and lasted until 1945, MILITARISM : Building up of a country's armed forces, PURGE : Getting rid of something, DEPRESSION : Money became extremely inflated, REPARATIONS : Money Germany had to pay to the countries they caused so much destruction in, JEWS : People who were deported to concentration camps, CHANCELLOR : Hitler's occupation in 1933, ALLIES : Moved across Europe in 1945 and liberated camps as they traveled, ISRAEL : A place Jewish people could call home, FACISM : Type of government led by a dictator, YELLOW STAR : Required to be worn by every Jewish person, WEIMAR REPUBLIC : The government established in Germany after WW I, WWII : What was started on September 1, 1939, DICTATORSHIP : Form of government that existed in Germany during the mid 1930s, ALLIANCE : Agreements between countries to help each other when needed, IMPERIALISM : A county obtains new land for wealth and power, ARYAN : People who were considered a 'pure' race, VERSAILLES : Treaty that stripped Germany of its military, took away land, and forced them to pay reparations, SOLDIER : Hitler's occupation during WWI, AUSTRIA : Annexed to Germany in 1938, NAZI PARTY : Promised to restore Germany and make it a world power, NAZISM : Symbols of this were outlawed in 1945, US BANKS : Needed Germany to repay debts, but couldn't so businesses failed, HITLER : Leader of the National Socialist German worker's Party