Indigenous Studies Vocabulary Crossword

Download and print this Indigenous Studies Vocabulary crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: Primary : ________ Sources - objects, writings or accounts that are from the time an event happened, Secondary : ________ Sources - accounts or images of the past created sometime after an event happened, Artifacts : objects that are from long ago, Elders : older Indigenous men or women who are respected for their wisdom and knowledge of their people’s culture and way of life, Oral Traditions : when elders pass knowledge, history and culture to the next generation through spoken word and stories, Talking Circles : a form of community meeting where everyone sat in a circle and only the person holding the sacred object was allowed to speak. Everyone had a chance to speak and decisions were made by consensus, Petroglyphs : rock carvings or paintings that were created long ago, Pictographs : symbols that stand for a word or idea (e.g. painted or carved on rock), Alliance : an agreement between two or more groups who share a common goal, Trade : the exchange of goods between different groups of people, Treaty : an agreement between groups that usually has to do with peace, working together as allies or to trade, Wampum beads : created from shell and are strung together in patterns to make belts or crafts and are used by some Indigenous Nations as money or to create a visual record of an important event like a treaty, Confederacy : an alliance of several groups who share a common goal, Representative : _______________form of democratic government in which people elect leaders to express and fight for their views and concerns, Consensus : means that everyone agrees