Political Developments and Foreign Policy Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: ghent: the treaty of _ ended the war of 1812, britain: the country at odds with the u.s. during the war of 1812, federalist: political party of alexander hamilton, mchenry: the battle of fort _ is the location where francis scott key wrote the star-spangled banner, napoleon: leader of france who signed a treaty with adams, foreign: referring to a country outside of your own, madison: last name of 4th president; "father of the constitution", washington: last name of president who encouraged isolationism, imprisonment: kidnapping sailors and forcing them to serve in your navy, sedition: encouraging rebellion against the government, orleans: the battle of new _ took place after the war of 1812 had "ended", jefferson: last name of president elected in 1800, nullify: to declare something invalid; to cancel, doctrine: the monroe _ was a message to europeans demanding they stay out of north and south america, embargo: a halt on trade with other countries, neutrality: the policy of not taking sides with other countries, hidalgo: last name of catholic priest who led the revolt in mexico against spanish rule, alien: a non-citizen of a country