Parts of the Sentence Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: sentence : a complete thought, two : every sentences has this many sides, adverb : word that modifies and adjective, complement : subject _ is linked to the subject by a linking verb, lvp : linking verb predicate, indirect : object that is located between the action verb and the direct object, predicate : verb of the sentence, eight : how many kinds of words are there?, antecedent : the noun that goes before the pronoun. hint: don't forget those latin fragments!, agreement : example: town is, towns are, direct : object that receives the action, preposition : "across" the street, them : strawberries? she loves _ , tense : "sally hoists the sail" is an example of present _ , you : pronoun that can be both an object and a subject, avp : action verb predicate, mine : first person possessive pronoun, subject : noun or pronoun that the sentence is about, simple : just the verb is called the _ predicate, linking : verb that shows what something is, interjections : literally: something thrown between, verb : every sentence has one.