Poetic Devices Crossword

Download and print this Poetic Devices crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: Assonance: When a group of words close together contain the same vowel sound in the middle of the words for effect, Alliteration: When a group of words close together start with the same sound for effect, Hyperbole: Extreme exaggeration of an idea, Imagery: When the poet appeals to the readers' 5 senses to make their work relatable.Imagery, Oxymoron: Two words of opposite meaning that are put together, with one describing the other., Rhyme: Words or lines of poetry that have the same sound at the end, Metaphor: Comparing two things, saying one thing IS another., Simile: Comparing two things, saying one thing is LIKE another (using 'like' or 'as'), Personification: A type of metaphor - giving inhuman things human qualities, Onomatopoeia: Sound word - where the word used is actually the sound being described, Repetition: When a word, or phrase, is repeated within a stanza or poem for effect., Juxtaposition: Two ideas/images of opposite meaning near each other, their differences making a point for the reader.