Nutrition and Your Health Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: nutrition : the process in which the body takes in and uses food, calories : units of heat that measure the energy used by the body, nutrients : substances in food that your body needs to grow, hunger : a natural response that keeps you from starving, appetite : a desire rather than a need to eat, carbohydrates : starches and sugars present in food, fiber : indigestible complex carbs found in vegetables fruits and whole grains, protein : nutrients that help build and maintain body cells and tissues, fats : a source of fatty acids the body can not make itself, vitamins : compounds that help regulate many vital body processes, minerals : elements present in food required by the body to develop and function properly, water : vital to every body function, dietary guidelines : set of recommendations for healthful eating and active living, food guide pyramid : guide for making healthful daily food choices, ingredients : foods or substances combined to make something, additives : substances added to foods to add flavor or extend shelf life, expiration : last day you should use a product, allergies : when the body's immune system reacts to a substance, intolerance : a negative reaction to foods caused by a metabolic problem, food borne illness : food poisoning, pasteurization : process of heating a substance to destroy pathogens