Middle East Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: persian gulf : it is an extension of the gulf of oman. it is between iran and the arabian peninsula, israel : middle east, bordering the mediterranean sea, between egypt and lebanon, arabian sea : known as sea of oman, gaza strip : narrow piece of land that extends along the mediterranean sea, bordered by israel on the east and north, and by egypt on the southwest, red sea : seawater inlet of the indian ocean, lying between africa and asia, strait of hormuz : on the north coast is iran and on the south coast is the united arab emirates and musandam, saudi arabia : the largest country in the middle east, jordan river : river in southwest asia that flows through the great rift valley into the dead sea, euphrates river : longest river in western asia, iraq : the capital, and largest city, is baghdad, afghanistan : a landlocked country located approximately in the center of asia. it is bordered by pakistan in the south and east, iran in the south and west, turkmenistan, tajikistan and uzbekistan in the north, and china in the far northeast, turkey : historians believe agriculture began in these lands some 11,000 years ago, iran : “land of the aryans”