Material Development in Language Teaching Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: materials : have an underlying instructional philosophy, approach, method, and content, including both linguistic and cultural information, student -materials : students are then using their own knowledge & personal background to produce learning materials for their classmates, created : kinds of materials such as textbooks and other specially created for learning a language, development : teachers´ understanding of their students is very important in materials _ , authentic : are those kinds of materials such as texts, photographs, video selections, and other teaching resources that are not specially prepared for pedagogical purposes, non commercial : teachers need to look for good materials, both commercial and _ , evaluating : when teachers evaluate if the textbook is appropriate for the lesson and decide whether they should use it or not, textbook : does not always contain the variety of conditions in a language class, classification : _ of materials can be printed materials such as textbooks, worksheets, pictures, newspapers& magazines, audio and audio visual materials. interactive resources and web based learning materials, adapting : involves changing existing materials so that they become more suitable for specific learners, teachers or situations, pedagogy : teaching materials are often the most observable component of _ , evaluation : materials development language teaching has five important components, students, teachers, materials, teaching methods and _