Literary Elements Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Literary Elements crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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  • foreshadowing : clues about what is going to happen
  • setting : time and place of the action of the story
  • rising action : conflict(s) is/are revealed
  • falling action : events and conflicts start being resolved
  • resolution : the problem/struggle is solved
  • theme : the main idea or message of a story
  • flat character : simple, one-dimensional, can be described using one single word, usually a minor character
  • climax : the turning point in a story
  • plot : action and sequence of events
  • symbol : object that stands for something greater than itself
  • mood : the feeling a story creates in the reader
  • tone : the author’s attitude towards his/her subject
  • round character : complex with many sides to their personality; character is well developed by the author so as to be believable; usually a major character
  • protagonist : the main character
  • static character : does not undergo any important inner changes throughout the story
  • antagonist : character or force that has conflict with the protagonist
  • exposition : introduction of setting, characters, background
  • internal conflict : struggle within a character
  • external conflict : struggle between two characters, with society, with nature, or the supernatural
  • dynamic character : undergoes an important inner change (in personality, beliefs, attitude)