Latitude and Longitude Crossword Puzzle

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  • hemisphere : this means half of the globe or earth.
  • meridians : this is another term for the lines the run from the north pole to the south pole.
  • globe : a sphere shaped model of the the earth.
  • geography : the study of the earth's features and natural resources.
  • compass rose : this tool shows cardinal and intermediate directions on a map.
  • polar zone : this region is from 66.5 degrees n or s to 90 degrees north or south.
  • parallels : this is another term for the lines that run east to west side by side forever and never intersect.
  • temperate zone : the seasons change from warm to cold in this region of the world.
  • prime meridian : this line is at 0 degree longitude and it runs through greenwich, england.
  • equator : this line is at 0 degree latitude and it is hot there.
  • latitude : these lines run east to west, but you measure them north or south.
  • longitude : these lines run north and south, but you measure them east or west.
  • political map : this type of map shows the boundaries of countries and states.
  • tropical zone : this region is warm year round because it gets the most direct sunlight.
  • distortion : this is when map makes a place look different in size or shape.