Land Biomes, Continents, Oceans Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Diciduous :_____________ Forest - Trees drop their leaves here, Tropical : ____________ Rainforest - Tiger and jaguar biome, Africa : Nile in the north, Europe : Continent north of the Mediterranean sea, Tundra : Cold frozen biome, Grassland : Biome with lions, Antarctica : Coldest continent, Scrubland : Where shrubs abound, Pacific : Connects japan and Hawaii, Indian : Ocean between India and Africa, Asia : Where china is, Coniferous : Forest where pinecones reign, North America : Great lakes continent, Atlantic : From _____ to pacific, South America : Mostly Spanish spoken here, Desert : Hot sandy biome, Southern Ocean : Southernmost ocean, Australia : Homeland of kanga and roo, Arctic Ocean : Northernmost ocean