Human Body Systems Crossword

Download and print this Human Body Systems crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: Digestive System : This system starts in the mouth, Muscular System : Helps movement of the body, maintaining posture, and circulating blood throughout the body, Nervous System : System that consists of nerves, brain and spinal cord, Muscular System : Skeletal muscles, smooth muscles, cardiac muscles, Excretory : Disposing of the body's waste, Skeletal : System that protects major internal organs and provides overall support, Skeletal : Includes bone, cartilages, ligaments, Respiratory System : Brings air into the body and removes carbon dioxide, Digestive : Breaks down food, Excretory : This is also known as the urinary system, Nervous : System that transmits signals from the body to the brain, Circulatory : The heart and blood vessels that circulate blood throughout the body, Muscular System : System that contains voluntary and involuntary muscles, Digestive System : Esophagus, stomach, intestines