Ecology - Theory of Evolution Crossword Puzzle

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  • divergent : _ evolution is when species that once were similar diverge, becoming increasingly distinct.
  • stabilizing : _ selection favors average individuals in a population.
  • evolution : "a change in the gene pool of a population over time" is a definition for _ .
  • geographic : _ isolation occurs when a physical barrier divides a population.
  • phenotype : the outward expression of genetic make-up.
  • directional : _ selection occurs when natural selection favors one of the extreme variations of a trait.
  • natural : _ selection - a mechanism for change in populations
  • homologous : structural features with a common evolutionary origin are _ .
  • population : all the members of a species that live in an area
  • adaptation : any variation that aids an organism's chances of survival in its environment is _ .
  • allele : alternative forms of a gene for a particular trait
  • short : physiological adaptations can occur over _ periods of time.
  • gene pool : all of the alleles of the population's genes
  • mutation : one mechanism for genetic change is environmental, such as radiation.
  • artificial: _ selection - darwin practiced this type of breeding with his pigeons.
  • dna : nearly all organisms share _ indicating that biochemistry might support evolution.
  • incomplete : the fossil record is _ and is an indirect evidence of evolution.