Holes Crossword Puzzle

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  • stanley : main character, nickname caveman
  • zero : there's nothing in his head!
  • clydelivingston : who stanley "stole" the shoes from.
  • mrsir : this isn't girl scouts, got slashed by the warden.
  • mrpendanski : stanley's counselor, just remember pen dance ski, got hit by shovel.
  • armpit : theodore don't call him that or you would end up on the ground.
  • squid : alan, farts a lot, the one who crumples stanley's letter to his parents, believe me they don't care.
  • campgreenlake : there once was a lake now dried up also used to be a town.
  • xray : rex, he's too blind to see anything, the person stanley gave the golden tube.
  • zigzag : ricky, attacked stanley, got chocked by zero.
  • barfbag : got sent to hospital after touch rattlesnake barefoot.
  • magnet : jose, stole sunflower seeds from mr. sir "my hands are like magnets!"
  • twitch : stole a car, replaced zero.