Era between WWI and WWII Crossword

Download and print this Era between WWI and WWII crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: Italy : Southern Europe AXIS member, Germany : National Socialist country, Nietzsche : Wrote, Midway : Island bombed on same day as Pearl Harbor, DDay : June 6, 1944, Isolationist : The stance America took prior to Pearl Harbor Attack, League Of Nations : Treaty like decision proposed by Woodrow Wilson but never signed by USA, Allies : UK, USA, France, & USSR, Blitzkrieg : Lightning War, Pearl Harbor : Bombed Dec 7, 1941, USSR : Communist Ally, Communism : Government owns all property, control ALL aspects of Government, Lenin : "the goal of socialism is communism, Dust Bowl : Overproduction and severe drought depleted the land, Axis : Germany, Italy, & Japan, Japan : Imperial AXIS member, France : Ally to USA, UK, and USSR, Hitler : Nazi leader, Gulag : Prison system in Siberia off the Trans- Siberian Railway, Stalin : Part of the "Big Three" after the war, Appeasement : Negotiation method with Hitler, Aggression : Unprovoked action