ENZYMES Crossword Puzzle

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  • catabolic : breakdown of large, organic molecules into smaller
  • enzymes : protein that function as biological catalyst
  • active site: part of the enzyme that allows it to act as catalyst
  • optimum: balance between the two effects
  • denatured : they lose their three-dimensional shape and can no longer bind to their substrate
  • pepsin: enzyme that works in the stomach
  • substrate : molecules that react in the enzyme-catalyzed reaction
  • amylase: enzyme that works in the mouth and small intestine
  • metabolism: the sum of all chemical reactions going on within a living cell
  • ph : changing the acid or base conditions around an enzyme molecule
  • product: molecules produced in the reaction
  • temperature : affects the activity of enzymes
  • lipase: breakdown fats to fatty acid and glycerol