Fall Prevention Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: alarm: you should set this when a patient is in bed or a chair, socks: apply nonskid _ to patients to help prevent falls, assisted: a fall in which a staff member was with the patient and attempted to minimize the impact of the fall by slowing the patient’s descent, manager: notify the _ if a fall occurs, reach: keep all items within _ , interventions: the things we do to protect our patients from falls, yellow: the color of the fall bracelets, sentinel: the most serious falls could result in a _ event, verge: complete a _ if a fall occurs, rounding: purposeful and consistent _ is very effective in preventing falls, restroom: stay with the patient in the _ , unanticipated: a fall in which there is no way to know or predict its occurrence, such as resulting from a seizure or stroke, unobserved: a fall in which a staff member finds the patient on the floor or other surface or when a fall is reported by the patient, clutter: make sure there is no _ in the halls or patient rooms, morse: the name of the fall screen the nurses do on admit, lowest: all beds should be in the _ position to prevent falls.