Early Explorers Crossword Puzzle

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  • muslims : who stopped the spanish from walking to asia.
  • hudson : who discovered a strait of water in northern canada?
  • isthmus : what is a thin strip of land that has water on either side?
  • cartier : who found the st. lawrence river?
  • columbus : who sailed in 1492?
  • coronado : who discovered the grand canyon?
  • plague : what killed more indians than guns?
  • verrazzano : who landed in north carolina and traveled up the coast to modern day canada?
  • spain : what country sent most of the explorers?
  • balboa : who sailed to panama as a castaway in a barrel with his dog?
  • asia : where are the explorers trying to get to?
  • cabot : who found modern day canada?
  • leifericson : who first discovered america?
  • poncedeleon : who was looking for the fountain of youth?
  • explorer : what is a person who discovers a unfamiliar area?
  • desoto : who conquered the incan empire?
  • missionaries : what do you call the people who spread christianity?
  • cortes : who conquered the aztec empire?
  • magellan : who was the first person to sail across the pacific?
  • vespucci : who was america named after?