Celebrating Around The World Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: FELIZNAVIDAD : Spanish phrase meaning Happy Christmas, JOYEAUXNOEL : In France, Merry Christmas is exclaimed this way, DONGZHI : Chinese Winter Festival, BOXINGDAY : In the UK, this is the holiday celebrated on the day after Christmas, MENORAH : Holds eight candles and is typically placed in a window or doorway, POINSETTIAS : Flowering winter plant that originated in Mexico, ADVENT : Germans eat one treat each day to help countdown this time leading up to Christmas Day, ITALY : Country where children hang stockings for Befana, an old lady, to fill with presents, CHRISTMAS : Holiday celebrated on December 25 by many, HANUKKAH : Festival of lights lasting 8 days, ORNAMENTS : Originating in Germany, these are hung on Christmas trees for decoration, CANADA : Cookie baking parties are held as part of the festivities, FROSTY : A popular snowman, YALDANIGHT : One of the most ancient Persian festivals, CHARAMICOS : Handcrafted wooden trees, stars, and animals used for decorations in the Dominican Republic, CARDINAL : Bird that is a common symbol of Christmas and brings good luck, KWANZAA : Cultural holiday to celebrate African heritage, GRINCH : He hates the Holidays!, SLEIGH : Pulled by reindeer and jingles all the way, SAINTNICHOLAS : In the Netherlands, children leave a shoe out in hopes to receive sweets or small presents from this man