Rememberance Day Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Fifteen : Nineteen ____________ - When was the remembrance day poem published?, War : Canada tried to keep peace in Egypt and Israel from being controlled by other nations this almost lead to?, Nine : Nineteen Thirty ____________ - When did world war II start?, November : _________ 11 : When is it remembrance day?, Ten Thousand : How many Canadians served Asia during the second world war? (estimate), Gulf War : More than 4000 Canadian armed forces members served in 1990-1991 during the _______., Canadians : The ________ and many more brave people helped fight in world war ii, Five : Nineteen Forty ____________ - When did world war II end?, Sacrifice Duty : What does the symbol of the poppy mean?, Poppy Day : Remembrance day is also know as, Canadian Physician : Who was John McCrae?, In Flanders Field : What is the name of the remembrance poem?, John McCrae : Who made the remembrance day poem?