Carbohydrate Crossword Puzzle

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  • fruits: a food group that contains the carbohydrate sucrose
  • starch: a food group that contains carbohydrate
  • yogurt: made from milk and contains carbohydrate
  • parsnips: a root vegetable that looks similar to a carrot but is a carbohydrate
  • vegetables: a food group that contains foods that may or may not contain carbohydrate
  • butternut squash: an orange winter squash
  • dairy: a food group that contains the carbohydrate lactose
  • bread: sandwiches are made of this starch
  • potatoes: a carbohydrate used to make mash
  • sweetcorn: a carbohydrate containing yellow vegetable
  • sweet potato: a root vegetable containing carbohydrate
  • pasta: a carbohydrate eaten as part of a bolognaise
  • peas: a round green vegetable containing carbohydrate
  • rice: a grain we often eat with dinner which contains carbohydrate
  • cereal: a starch you would often eat at breakfast
  • milk: a liquid we get from cows that contains carbohydrate