Broadcast Journalism Crossword Puzzle

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  • voice over : news anchor or reporter’s voice heard over the video footage
  • news director : person in charge of a news department; the news director may have the final approval of which stories are aired, the order in which they are aired, and the amount of time allotted to each story
  • video footage : recorded video including interviews and on-the-scene shots
  • teaser : brief mention of an upcoming report; teasers are used to keep viewers tuned in to the newscast and are frequently read prior to commercials
  • field reporter : a reporter who reports from the location of the story; field reporters bring viewers to the scene and help make the event seem more immediate and credible
  • graphic : visual device, such as a chart, a graph, or an illustration; graphics help illustrate details of the news
  • anchor : on-set personality who reads the text of the most important news stories; the manchor sets the tone of the newscast and introduces and closes most reports
  • news hole : time frame that remains for reporting news stories; a typical 30-minute newscast consists of only 12 to 15 minutes of news, apart from the weather reports, sports updates, and commercials
  • sound bite : brief quotation excerpted from a longer statement in an interview or speech; sound bites are usually combined with video footage
  • correspondent : news reporter or writer operating in a separate location from the news 9 headquarters who gives regular reports