Parts of a Newspaper Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: FRONT PAGE: first page of the paper that contains the most important news of the day, NEWS: contains news articles written by the staff, OP-ED: contains the editorial and opinion columns. It also contains the masthead with the list of editors., FEATURES PAGE: contains human interest stories, SPORTS PAGE: contains sports stories and updates on sports, games, and athletes, TAGLINE: identifies the paper’s motto and marketing pitch, MASTHEAD: shows the logo of the newspaper, BODY TEXT: the body of the news story, CAPTION: text that identifies or describes the photo that appear on the page., BANNER: main headline of the newspaper. It carries the biggest font size, usually 40 points, since this is the most important story of the day., BYLINE: name/s of the journalist/s who wrote the article., JUMP: tells the readers where to find the rest of the story if it did not fit on the front page., EARS: teasers found on the upper left or right of the masthead. It usually points to human interest stories that can be found on another page inside the paper.