The News Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: headline : the sentence which sums up the content of a news story, correspondent : a reporter, in a particular place or who covers a particular subject, hand over to : allow someone else to speak when you have finished (3 words), the telly : another word for the tv (2 words), mainstream media : the major tv networks, radio channels, magazines and newspapers, breaking news : news that is happening and being reported at this moment (2 words), news flash : short news report, giving the most recent information about an important or unexpected event (2 words), channels : bbc, cnn, fox news are examples of tv ......................, fake news : misinformation (2 words), programme : a tv show or broadcast, viewers : the people watching tv, anchorman : the person who reads the news (us term), ad : something used to help sell a product or to make an announcement, eyewitness : someone who sees an occurrence (and esp. gives a report on it)