Journalism Terms Review Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: hard : _ news story regarding important, groundbreaking events, yellow : journalism that promoted the first fake news, pulitzer : reward for outstanding journalism, open : type of question not allowing a "yes" or "no" answer, proximity : the distance of the story to the reading audience, muckraking : journalism to expose truths such as poor factory conditions, etc, lead : opening sentences of an article, filler : small article of lesser importance, source : where the reporter got information, pull : _ -out quote printed in a large text box to catch the eye, ethics : code of _ ; maintains honesty, deathknock : interviewing someone closely after a tragedy, jump : where a text is continued to another page, caption : explains a picture, libel : purposely printing material to hurt someone's reputation, pitch : you _ your idea hoping it will be approved, beat : a reporter's area of expertise, byline : provides author, blind : type of interview protecting an anonymous source, column : a piece published in every edition, inverted : pyramid showing an outline of how to present information, copy : text to be printed, shield : _ laws protect reporters who have no intent to harm reputations, slander : verbal defamation of character, embargo : when a reporter has to wait to publish a story