The Media: Truth, Trust & Power Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: fake news : a term that may refer to the intentional presentation of news in favor of a political party or the intentional presentation of unverified or inaccurate news (8.1), partisan press : media outlets or organizations that promote a particular political ideology or support a political party (8.2), penny press : 19th century american newspapers that sold for only one cent each, thus increasing the size of the audience that could afford to purchase them (8.2), mass media : sources of information that appeal to a wide audience, including newspapers, radio, television, and internet outlets (8.2), wire service : an organization that gathers and reports on news and then sells the stories to other outlets (8.2), beat system : the practice of assigning reporters to specific types of news, policies, or events (8.2), broadcast media : outlets for news and other content that rely on mass communications technology to bring stories directly into people’s homes; these media sources are subject to stricter content regulations than cable television outlets and alternative sources of information (8.2), citizen journalists : nonprofessional journalists who cover or document news and events or offer their own analyses of them (8.2), niche journalism : media that cater to fragmented and specialized audiences (8.2), partisan bias : the slanting of political news coverage in support of a particular political party or ideology (8.3), commercial bias : the shaping of the content and focus of news based on the desire to capture news consumers (8.3), infotainment : a merging of information and entertainment designed to attract views and gain market share (8.3), soft news : stories that focus on celebrity and personality rather than political or economic issues (8.3), aggregating : a process through which internet and other news providers relay the news as reported by journalists and other sources (8.4)