Journalism Terms Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: notes: a brief record of something written down to assist memory, proof reading: to read and mark corrections, newspaper: a publication at regular and usually close intervals, editor: a person who prepares literary material for publication, column: a regular feature in a newspaper having a identifiable heading and byline, objectivity: absence of bias, questions: a sentence in a interrogative form addressed to someone, files: a collection of records arranged in order, features: a column appearing regularly in a newspaper, point of view: a particular attitude or way a considering a matter, radio: wireless telegraphy, byline: a line in a newspaper naming the writer, interview: a meeting or conversation in which a writer ask questions to gain information, assignment: the allocation of a job or task, observation: an act of noticing and perceiving, article: a written composition usually nonfiction, magazine: a publication that is issued periodically bound in a paper cover, publishing: the occupation or business of preparing books, journals and other for sale, contacts: an acquaintance through whom a person can gain information, journalism: the activity of gathering, creating and presenting news and information, draft: a preliminary form of any writing