Around the World Crossword Puzzle

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  • hindu : a person that practices one of the main religions in india
  • twentyeight : number of letters in the arabic alphabet
  • samba : the most famous dance in brazil
  • persia : what iran used to be called
  • amazon : it runs through brazil, colombia, and peru
  • botero : a famous colombian painter and sculptor
  • sweden : country where the nobel prizes are awarded
  • asia : continent on which the middle east is located
  • khalifa : burj _ is the world's tallest building
  • capoeira : this brazilian martial art has been popular for many years
  • cuba : ernest hemingway lived there
  • hug : a common greeting practice among friends and family members in the united states
  • norway : country where the nobel peace prize is awarded
  • bible : the most read book in the world
  • camel : bedouins and tourists ride this animal in africa
  • spain : where flamenco comes from
  • merengue : music and dance typical of the dominican republic
  • mandarin : the most spoken language in the world
  • moscow : the capital of russia
  • tea : a popular drink in many parts of the world
  • tet : new year in vietnam
  • arabic : the language people speak in palestine
  • peru : where machu picchu is located
  • latin : the language spoken in ancient rome