West Africa Geography Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: cameroon, : _ volcanic line is a chain of volcanic mountains, desert : the sahel is becoming more like a _ , mali : empire that included two major trading and cultural centers, seventeen : number of countries in west africa, shore : meaning of the word "sahel", timbuktu : important trade center north of the niger river, salty : the gulf of guinea is less _ than the ocean due to many rivers, djenne : important trade center south of the niger river, gulf of guinea : forms the western edge of west africa, atlantic : ocean that borders africa to the west and south, nile : longest river in africa, rainforest : found in the middle part of africa, sahel : transitional zone between dry areas and grasslands, third : the niger river is the _ -longest river in africa, chad : freshwater lake, natural : borders or boundaries created by physical features, niger : principal river of west africa