Aquatic Ecosystems Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Aquatic Ecosystems crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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  • river : large natural flow of water that moves toward a larger body of water like a lake or ocean
  • marine : salt water with salinity levels between 32-35ppt
  • surface : water that flows or sits on the top of the land. ex. lake, river, pond
  • creek : small natural flow of water that moves towards a river or stream
  • peninsula : a piece of land surrounded on 3 sides by water
  • island : a piece of land completely surrounded by water
  • watershed : an area of land that drains to a particular body of water
  • ground : water that soaks into and percolates through the soil
  • paved : surfaces covered with cement or blacktop that increase run off and flooding
  • barrier : a long narrow sand island parallel to the coast that protects the mainland from storm surges & erosion
  • inlet : a recess (cut) into the land from a lake or sea that allows access to a bay, cove or the ocean
  • salinity : the amount of dissolved salt in water
  • delta : a fan shaped land area formed when fresh water rivers dump sediments into the ocean
  • wetlands : land that is wet all or most of the time & provides important habitat for migrating birds & other aquatic animals
  • fresh : water with less than .05 ppt salinity
  • aquifer : an underground fresh water river or lake that is created when groundwater percolates through the soil
  • pollution : trash, chemicals & debris that has a cumulative, negative, long term impact on watersheds all the way to the ocean
  • erosion : the movement of soil from one place to another by wind, rain, water or humans.
  • stream : natural flowing body of water that is larger than a river, but smaller than a creek
  • dams : man-made structures designed to alter natural floodplains to help prevent flooding
  • brine : water with salinity levels greater than 46 ppt
  • marsh : a coastal wetland that is flooded and drained by salt water from the tides. usually has patches of salt water grasses
  • lagoon : a stretch of salt water separated from the sea by a sand bank or coral reef
  • brackish : water with salinity levels between .05-31 ppt
  • swamp : a coastal wetland common in la. that is a favorite home of alligators