Grand Canyon Wildlife Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Grand Canyon Wildlife crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: habitat : natural home for plants, animals or organisms, mule deer : large ears like a mule. bifurcated antlers. forage on plants in summer, conifers in winter, california condor : 9 foot wingspan. scavengers that eat dead animals (carrion), big horned sheep : i can scramble up steep terrain, move along 2 inch ledges and gracefully jump down 20 foot cliffs, rattle snake : only found in the gc. reptile with pale pink color w/ dark spotches. infrared sensors detect prey, prickly pear : cactus w/paddle-shaped leaves and egg-shaped flowers, roadrunner : fast running bird, coyote : called "barking dog;" found in all ecological zones of gc. they are omnivores, bald eagle : american _ - a national symbol with white heads. birds of prey w/ 7 foot wingspans, jackrabbit : large ears help shed excess body heat. eat cacti when no water source is available, peregrine : _ falcon - birds of prey. excellent eyesight. dive at prey up to 200 mph, extinct : no longer existing;wiped out, desert tortoise : i hibernate in burrows on rocky hillsides. my eggshells are hard so not to dry out. i can store 40% of my body weight in water, joshua tree : plant that grows up to 40 feet tall. food and home for many types of animals, elk : called "wapiti" by native people. largest member of deer family.