Weathering and Erosion Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Cave : When limestone is dissolved underground, you get a..., No Till : Leaving the previous season's stalks behind to prevent erosion., Floodplain : Sediment deposits here when a river overflows its banks (pg.318), Oxidation : When water in the air causes chemical change, Topsoil : The top layer of soil, Parent Rock : Rock that is the source of the fragments, Wind : Agent of mechanical weathering, Delta : Deposition that occurs as a body of water slows to flow into another, Mechanical : What type of weathering breaks smaller pieces of rock from larger pieces, Acid Rain : When pollution and rain weather together., Cover Crop : When farmers grow a crop between seasons to prevent erosion., Crop Rotation : When farmers change crops to protect nutrient depletion., Plants : Living agent of mechanical weathering, Abrasion : Grinding away of rock, Differential : Type of weathering in which harder rock weathers less than softer rock, Chemical : What type of weathering slowly dissolves rock, Deposition : When water slows and drops sediment, Porosity : Refers to the pore space in soil taken up by water or oxygen, Humus : The most fertile section of topsoil, Leaching : Water dissolves and carries nutrients in topsoil to lower layers, Erosion : What is the process in which wind, water, gravity transport soil?, Terracing : Creating a series of steps so that farming can occur on a steep hill, Rounder : As a mountain ages, its peaks become (rounder/sharper), Water : Agent of chemical weathering, Bedrock : The layer of rock beneath soil layers