The Wright Brothers: First in Flight Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: orville : _ was more outgoing than his brother, dayton : the wright brothers live in _ ohio, wilbur : _ was quiet and a dreamer, hawk : kitty _ is now the name of the wright brothers' first airplane, buzzards : wilbur and orville watched _ fly to learn flying techniques, carolina : the town of kitty hawk is in north _ , december : the historic first flight was _ 17, 1903, rudder : the _ on the back of the airplane needed to move on demand, mother : the wright brothers inherited their mechanical ability from their _ , gliders : early attempts to fly began with _ , engine : it was very important to have a lightweight _ , happiness : orville said doing what interests him is _ , tilt : they discovered the wings of their airplane needed to _ like a birds, bicycle : success in the _ business enabled the wright brothers to peruse their flying experiments, helicopter : their father gave them a toy _ and started their interest in flying, devil : strong winds on kill _ hill helped the first plane to fly, banks : kitty hawk and kill devil hills are on the outer _ of north carolina, seconds : the first flight lasted _ , printing : the first business the wright brothers were is was _ , armstrong : neil _ took a piece of the cotton wing of the kitty hawk to the moon.