The Crucible Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: danforth: a judge who sent people to death, even though some were innocent, expert: this type of power is based on someone's supreme knowledge or skill, hale: the reverend who came to salem to get rid of witchcraft, abigail: a troublemaker who had an affair with john proctor, referent: this type of power is when people look up to someone because of who they are, parris: the reverend who preaches about hell and does not like children, miller: the author of the crucible, poppet: mary warren gave one of these to elizabeth proctor; it had a needle in it, boat: this is how abigail ran away from salem, elizabeth: this proctor was accused of trying to murder abigail williams, confess: this was the only way to avoid being hung for witchcraft, tituba: she was casting spells in the woods with the young girls, salem: the name of the village where this play takes place, coercive: the type of power where people can be threatened if they do not do as you tell them to do, woods: this is thought of as the devil's playground, lechery: this is the crime that abigail williams and john proctor were accused of, informational: this type of power is used by someone who controls the information people have, john: he had an affair with abigail williams, money: this is what abigail williams stole from her uncle.