Introduction to Literacy Essentials Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: inference : a logical guess made by connecting bits of information, prediction : a form of inference in which the reader gathers and analyzes details in order to anticipate and foresee forthcoming events and information, summarize : to reduce large sections of text to their essential points and main idea. note: it is still important to attribute the ideas to the original source, key ideas : important ideas throughout a work that support the central message, theme, tone, etc, implicit meaning : an idea that must be inferred through an analysis of details, actions, tone, dialogue, body language, visuals, etc, paraphrase : to restate the meaning of something in different words; to alter the exact wording of the source and transmit the ideas or information without evaluation or interpretation:, note taking : the study skill of outlining or summarizing the ideas of a lecture, a book, or another source of information to aid in the retention of ideas, annotating : marking a text with notes and-or comments, explicit meaning : an idea that is clearly stated, unambiguous, and leaves little room for interpretation