The American Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: commons : the lower house of the parliament, the english law-making body, is known as the house of _ , boston : the location where the sons of liberty dropped tea in the harbor in protest, revere : the boston silversmith who captured the events of the boston massacre in an engraving, franklin : the last name of the person who invented bifocals, philadelphia : the location of independence hall where the declaration was written and signed, adams : samuel and john _ were cousins who supported independence in different ways, george iii : the name of the king who colonists named a tyrant in the declaration, liberty : the sons of _ held meetings and protests against the british, lafayette : the french gentleman who fought in the american revolution, massacre : the boston _ was a conflict between british soldiers and angry colonists that left five colonists dead, jefferson : the person who wrote most of the declaration of independence, colonial : _ legislatures were organized by each colony to make laws for its citizens, parliament : the english law-making body that set taxes on american without their consent, quartering : the _ act allowed british soldiers to live in the homes of colonists, sugar : the _ act lowered a tax on molasses, washington : the commander of the continental army, stamp : the _ act placed a tax on all paper documents including wills, marriage licenses and playing cards, madison : the founding father who wrote most of the constitution, revolution : the name for a change in government or society.