Storms and Hurricanes Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: snowflakes: water droplets in clouds freeze into tiny ice crystals, wind: moving air, lightning: a hot flash of electricity that jumps down from a storm cloud, blizzard: a snowstorm with very strong winds, tornado: very fast spinning winds that look like a funnel of cloud, weather satellite: a machine in space that detects hurricanes forming, dust storm: when dry soil is blown into big clouds, blocking out the sun, hail: small balls of ice that form inside a storm cloud, thunder: the loud rumbling sound following a lightning flash, storm: happens where the air becomes hot and damp, hurricane: a massive, violent storm with very strong winds and heavy rain, weather: is formed in the air that surrounds the earth, gales: very strong storm winds, light: travels faster than sound. that's why we see lightning before we hear thunder.