Sparta vs. Athens Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Sparta vs. Athens crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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  • soldier : what one job did men have in sparta?
  • western : athens was the birthplace of what civilization?
  • democracy : athens let every citizen vote which is also called what?
  • perikles : he helped athens grow in the golden age.
  • athena : the god who protected athens
  • steal : boys were taught to do what in sparta?
  • dramas : people in athens loved watching these.
  • sixty : men were soldier till they were how old?
  • slaves : 1/3 of the people in athens were these?
  • kings : sparta had two of these in charge of their government.
  • parthenon : athens built this temple to worship athena.
  • seven : this was the age spartan boys left their house to train for war.
  • war : every spartan boy was trained to fight in what?
  • women : unlike any other city-state in greece, sparta was fair to who?
  • lace daemon : sparta was also known as what?
  • thebans : they led to spartans decline.
  • agora : the center of athens.
  • socrates : a great philosopher who lived in athens.
  • helots : slaves were called what in sparta?