Sparta vs. Athens Crossword

Download and print this Sparta vs. Athens crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: SOLDIER : What one job did men have in Sparta?, WESTERN : Athens was the birthplace of what civilization?, DEMOCRACY : Athens let every citizen vote which is also called what?, PERIKLES : He helped Athens grow in the golden age., ATHENA : The god who protected Athens, STEAL : Boys were taught to do what in Sparta?, DRAMAS : People in Athens loved watching these., SIXTY : Men were soldier till they were how old?, SLAVES : 1/3 of the people in Athens were these?, KINGS : Sparta had two of these in charge of their government., PARTHENON : Athens built this temple to worship Athena., SEVEN : This was the age spartan boys left their house to train for war., WAR : Every spartan boy was trained to fight in what?, WOMEN : Unlike any other city-state in Greece, Sparta was fair to who?, LACE DAEMON : Sparta was also known as what?, THEBANS : They led to Spartans decline., AGORA : The center of Athens., SOCRATES : A great philosopher who lived in Athens., HELOTS : Slaves were called what in Sparta?