Sensation Perception Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: neurological : what kind of condition is synesthesia?, sour : what kind of taste warns us of potentially toxic acid?, cello : what kind of instrument produces long and low sound waves?, distance : depth perception allows us to judge …..?, bitter : what kind of taste warns us of potential poisons?, optical illusions : what uses color, light and patterns that can deceive or mislead our brains?, inner : what part of our ears change as we age?, mcgurk effect : what effect occurs when there is a conflict between what we see and what we hear?, perception : how do you organize and interpret sensory information?, synesthesia : what is a neurological condition in which information meant to stimulate one of your senses, stimulates more than one sense?, illusions : what misleads us by playing on the ways we organize and interpret our sensations?, likelihood principle : what principle says we will tend to perceive the most likely interpretation?, sensory interaction : what is the principle that says that one sense may influence another?, violin : what kind of instrument produces short and high waves?, sensation : how do our sensory receptors and nervous system receive stimulus from our environment?, balance : what does the inner ear’s vestibular system and touch/pressure help you to do?