Space Physics: Solar System Crossword Puzzle

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  • revolution : this is when the earth orbits the sun once in approximately 365 days causing changes in seasons
  • inner planets : there are 4 rocky and small planets: mercury, venus, earth and mars. these are the nearest to the sun
  • sun : this is a very bright, luminous, celestial and a stable star, situated in the spiral arm of the milky way galaxy and at the centre of the solar system.
  • elliptical : orbits of planets, minor planets and comets
  • outer planets : there are 4 gaseous and large planets: jupiter, saturn, uranus and neptune. there are the furthest from the sun
  • rotation : the circular movement of the earth about its own axis causing day and night.
  • asteroid : a small rocky object which orbits the sun. the asteroid belt lies between mars and jupiter
  • light year : one light-year is the distance traveled in (the vacuum of) space by light in one year.
  • stars : they are massive, self-luminous celestial objects, made of hydrogen and helium
  • solar system : this consists of the sun; eight planets; natural and artificial satellites; dwarf planets; asteroids and comets
  • comets : are made of dust and ice and orbit the sun in a different orbit to those of planets. the ice melts when the comet approaches the sun and forms the comet’s tail