Microbiology and Immune System Crossword

Download and print this Microbiology and Immune System crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: Genetic Immunity : Inborn ingerited or species immunity, Titer : Level of antibodies in the blood, Inflammation : Classic symptoms are redness heat swelling pain, Phagocytes : Describes the wbcs particularly neutrophils and monocytes, Fever : Treated with an antipyretic drug, Antigen : A foreign substance that provokes immune response, Lymphocytes : T and b cells, Immunotolerance : Recognition of self, Autoimmune Disease : Attack against self, Macrophage : Cell responsible for antigen presentation, Thymus Gland : Site where t cells mature and differentiate, Bone Marrow : Site where b cells mature and differentiate, Parasites : Organisms that require a living host in which to survive, Disease : Failure of the body to function normally, Pathogen : Disease causing organisms, Infection : Disease caused by pathogen or its toxins, Vector : An object that transfers a pathogen from one to another, Nosocomial : Hospital acquired infection, Zoonosis : An animal disease transmissible to humans, Bacteria : Coccus bacillus curved rod, Virus : Acts as a parasite to the infected cell, Fungi : Mycotic infections, Protozoa : Single cell animal like microbes