Microbiology and Immune System Crossword Puzzle

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  • genetic immunity : inborn ingerited or species immunity
  • titer : level of antibodies in the blood
  • inflammation : classic symptoms are redness heat swelling pain
  • phagocytes : describes the wbcs particularly neutrophils and monocytes
  • fever : treated with an antipyretic drug
  • antigen : a foreign substance that provokes immune response
  • lymphocytes : t and b cells
  • immunotolerance : recognition of self
  • autoimmune disease : attack against self
  • macrophage : cell responsible for antigen presentation
  • thymus gland : site where t cells mature and differentiate
  • bone marrow : site where b cells mature and differentiate
  • parasites : organisms that require a living host in which to survive
  • disease : failure of the body to function normally
  • pathogen : disease causing organisms
  • infection : disease caused by pathogen or its toxins
  • vector : an object that transfers a pathogen from one to another
  • nosocomial : hospital acquired infection
  • zoonosis : an animal disease transmissible to humans
  • bacteria : coccus bacillus curved rod
  • virus : acts as a parasite to the infected cell
  • fungi : mycotic infections
  • protozoa : single cell animal like microbes