Rome and Greek Gods - 2 Crossword

Download and print this Rome and Greek Gods - 2 crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: REGENT : Temporary ruler, APOLLO : Brother to Artemis, ARES : God of war, EASTERN : Constantinople was the capital of this part of Rome, ROME : Capital of Western Roman Empire, ODE : Poem which expresses strong feelings, SATIRE : Work that makes fun of human weakness, CHRISTIANITY : This was the major religion of the Byzantine Empire, ATHENA : Goddess of wisdom, FOURTH : Constantinople was sacked during the ____Crusade, MOSAIC : Artwork using small pieces of glass or tile, HUNS : They invaded Europe from the East, SAINT : Christian holy person, PLAGUE : Disease, CHAIN : Constantinople's harbor was guarded by this, FRANKS : They raided Gaul, GLADIATOR : Fought in arenas of Rome, POSEIDON : God of the Seas, REALISTIC : Compared to Greek statues, Roman statues were more ____