Roaring Twenties Crossword Puzzle

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  • warren gharding: first president of the roaring twenties era, serving from 1921 until his assassination in 1923
  • great gatsby: book written by f. scott fitzgerald, an influential writer of the twenties
  • babe ruth: famous american baseball player who played with the yankees for the majority of his career
  • alcapone: american gangster who ruled the underground chicago and became notorious across the nation
  • flapper: a female dancer from the 1920's, occasionally rocking a bobbed haircut
  • wall street: famous street in the financial district of lower manhattan
  • jazz: a very popular genre of music in america that developed in new orleans
  • television: famous invention still used in every household today where you can tune in to channels and watch entertainment
  • prohibition: the 18th amendment that banned alcohol in the u.s.
  • suffrage: the 19th amendment that gave women in the u.s. the right to vote
  • bette davis: famous american actress who later had a song named after her eyes